The TC-3000 Theta Chamber

The TC-3000 is a multi-modality device designed to assist in overcoming addictions, cope with stress, deal with depression, accelerate learning and more.  The brain is simultaneously stimulated with micro current, light, sound and motion combined with infra red heat and pulsed electromagnetic fields.  This induces a deep meditative like state of mental and physical relaxation along with heightened awareness.

The TC-3000 is equipped with the following features:

Micro Current Stimulator (CES)

Light and Audio Neuro Stimulator

Rotating Sensory Inhibiting Chamber 
Oxygen Concentrator
Vitals Monitor
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Mattress
2 Way Audio Communication
Chamber Fresh Air Circulation System
Computerized Control System

 TC-3000 Theta Chamber Therapy Session Procedures

Enclosed within in the chamber, clients are positioned in a comfortable supine configuration.  The chamber is ventilated, air conditioned and oxygenated.  Client specific, pre-programmed stimulations are delivered in a carefully controlled manner over a period of thirty minutes.  All the while, the chamber is slowly rotating on a centrally placed pedestal.  The rate of rotation is 12 to 15 revolutions per minute.  This has been found to be the optimum rate for ventibular stimulation without causing dizziness.

Sensations of claustrophobia or dizziness are rarely experienced.  The feelings during treatment are those of pleasure and restfulness.  Two way audio communication with the attendant is available and the client may stop the procedure at any time.

TC-3000 Theta Chamber Therapy Shortens Addiction Recovery Time

Mind altering substances are similar, on a molecular level, to the brain's natural chemicals.  As a self monitoring organ, the brain senses an over abundance of the substances and reacts by shutting down normal production.  In time, the addicted individual no longer experiences the pleasure associated with drugs or alcohol but craves the substance to relieve the psychological or physical pain.

In addiction recovery, once the abused substance is withdrawn, the brain can require as long as 18 months to normalize proper brain chemistry.  Until the normalization process is complete a recovering addict will experience cravings, some times intense in nature.  This is the period of time when 70% of recovering addicts relapse.

The Theta Chambers six simultaneous therapies stimulate the brain into producing its natural chemicals, jump starting the normalization process and compensating for absence of addictive substances.  Most substance abusers undergoing therapy have reported profound emotional, spiritual and joyful experiences as their brain chemistry rapidly begins to normalize.  Some have reported that after just one session their cravings have vanished for the  first time in as long as they can remember.  Sometimes during a session a client will fall into a deep REM sleep, which is rare in the life of an addict, and recount very vivid dreams.  As a result of this rapid brain chemistry normalization, cravings are greatly reduced or eliminated.  By speeding up the process for brain chemistry normalization, from months to weeks or days, the increased likely hood of long term permanent recovery can be increased by as much as 300%.